Hunting Tips

  1. Review the Outdoor Annual and check for open season dates and bag Before going out for hunting.
  2. Check for legal means and methods in the Wheeler county
  3. Carry your current hunting license.
  4. Clearly identify your target before pulling the trigger.
  5. Carry a sharp knife; cut out the date (month and day) of kill on deer and turkey tags and immediately after kill, attach appropriate tag to the deer or turkey.
  6. Carry a ballpoint pen; fill out ranch and county name on back of deer and turkey tags.
  7. Carry your hunter safety certification card, if applicable, with you in the field.
  8. Carry a state driver's license or state personal identification certificate, if you are 17 years of age or older.
  9. Fill out a Wildlife Resource Document to accompany any part of a deer or turkey that you give to someone else.
  10. Keep all game animals and game birds in an edible condition.




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