Wheeler Birds

lesser prairie-chicken

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Is an upland, grassland-nesting bird. The lesser prairie-chicken is best known for its unique courtship displays and "drumming" grounds. The lesser prairie-chicken is now being considered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as a species in need of protection through the Endangered Species Act.


Native rangeland in different stages of plant succession and consisting of a diversity of native, short- to mid-height grasses and forbs interspersed with low-growing shrubby cover comprises optimum lesser prairie-chicken habitat.


Dense tall grasses growing in clumps, or mottes



Turkeys are found locally in Wheeler, Texas.

About Turkey: Dark, iridescent body bare head bluish with red wattles.

Identification Tips:

  • Very large fowl like birds, highly iridescent small-headed, round- winged, long-tailed, ground dwelling bird
  • Males with large tales erected fanwise in display.
  • Iridescent bronze and green wings
  • Iridescent bronze and green wings
  • Dark breast, belly and upper back
  • Barred primaries
  • Dark, fan-shaped tail with brown or buff band at tip

Adult male:

  • Tail erected fanwise, bronzy with buffy tip.
  • Pale rump and wings, more iridescent plumage.



Two Types occur in Wheeler, Texas; those with fanlike tails (Domestic Pigeon is the most familiar), and the smaller, brownish type with rounded or pointed tails ( Mourning Dove is characteristic).


About Rock Dove or Domestic Pigeon:

Typical Birds are Gray with a white rump, two black bars on secondaries and a broad black band at end of tail. Feet red.


Usually on buildings. Eggs (2) White.


Mourning Dove:

Identification Tips:

The most widespread wild dove in Texas. A brown dove, Smaller and slimmer than domestic pigeon, with a pointed, not rounded, tail bordered with large white spots.


Farmlands, ranches, towns, mesquite, woodlands, open country, desert.


Flimsy platform of twigs in tree, shrub, cactus, or on ground. Eggs two white.



Quail in Wheeler, Texas

Quails are small scratching chicken like birds, smaller than pheasants

About Scaled Quail:

A pale grayish quail off arid country, recognized by the scaly marking on breast and back and a bushy white crest.

Runs often reluctant to fly.


Grassland, brush, arid country,


A grass-lined hollow under bush. Eggs (9-16) speckled



A large chicken like bird with a long, sweeping pointed tail. Mail is highly colored and iridescent, with scarlet wattles on face and white neck-ring. Female is mottled brown with a moderately long pointed tail.

Runs swiftly; flight strong (take off noisy).

Brown female could be confused with prairie chicken.


Irrigated land, farmland.


A grass-lined hollow among grass. Eggs (6-14) Olive.




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