Watching Birds

Our Website will help bird watchers in learning how to look for birds. It's real pleasure to see them. Begin by giving your attention to the birds in your own vicinity. Go looking for birds as often as you can. As to time of day, early mornings are best. By the time the sun is well up, bird activity slows down and does not resume till late afternoon.


Birds are everywhere, but to see the most birds try looking in best places : in moist woodlands or perhaps at the edge of a wooded swamp. Wood margins are generally good, especially during migration. But no single place is best. A wooded park in the midst of a city is one of the very best places to look for birds during migrations.


Experienced watchers will often sit quietly in a likely spot and let the birds come to them. Keen-eyed birds are easily frightened by movement. Try to cover several distinct areas, if possible- a woodland, marsh, field, river bank, shore, or whatever your locality affords. Make bird watching a year-round activity, for each season has its own special surprises and delights to offer the careful observer.


When someone is interested, theirs nothing like the thrill of seeing beautiful birds. All of your extensive knowledge about birds has come from bird watching. Your own garden may not be much better off, but- by and large- birds help hold insects in check. Some birds do occasional damage; Some birds are occasionally a direct help to man. Perhaps you may be able to help in establishing a local bird "refuge" - an area where passing birds can rest and feed. Once you have made a start, you may want to do more than just look.




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