Attracting Birds

Attracting Birds by feeding : The easiest way to attract birds to your yard is with one or more feeders. Hang these where you can readily watch them and refill them and where cracked hulls on the ground won't be a bother. The best all-around feed is black-oil sunflower seed. It is high in fat and easy for small birds to crack open.


Attracting Birds By Watering : Birds need drinking and bathing water just as much as they need food. The sound of dripping water is a good lure for migrating warblers. A watering place will attract more birds during warm months. A ground level pan could be fine unless cats are not a problem. An old bucket with a drip hole hung over an old baking pan will do.


Attracting Birds With Cover and Shelters : Birds need cover for protection against wind, cold and enemies. Plants that look attractive to us are not necessarily attractive to birds. Build a box that can be easily cleaned.


Bird Photography : Hunting with a gun is giving way to hunting with a camera. only a few types of bird may be shot with a gun, but you may photograph any bird. Bird photography calls for patience, skill, and hard work, but one fine photograph make it all worth wile.




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